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Friday, September 4, 2009

Health Care

I'm more pessimistic and disillusioned with our political system than I have ever been. The jettisoning of the flotsam of the Bush administration seems only to have shifted the weaselly incompetence to the whores of big contributors on other side of the aisle. Obama campaigned on two issues, get us out of the war and fix our health care system. At this point I would have to group myself with the 55% who give him an unsatisfactory grade, or at best an incomplete.

Thanks to Jon Guinea for bring this tube to my attention.


Margadant said...

Amen. I admire people who have the ability to cut through the myriad of details and nuances that surround "big issues" and illustrate them in clear, compelling 51 second pieces.

I also admire your anger. I'm afraid I've slid into the declining nation/state camp. About 20-25 years ago the US left the flat plateau it had peaked on and started its decline. We're comparable to where Britain was after WWII. With China in ascendence and the European community looking so progressive and prosperous, it won't take much longer for the US to recognize its place among the second tier nations of the world.

Old Toad said...

Once again, the old Toad agrees with Gunnar on the state of our political system. As usual, money wins (and we of little faith in party politics naively thought Obama would be different ... oh well ...) Life goes on and in 3 months I will happily ... hoppoly ... join the ranks of those lovable old foggies with "socialized" medicine. Guess I can then go to town meetings and rail against the evils of socialized medicine (while pocketing the extra 500 bucks I won't be sending to Blue Cross every month)!

yankee_dollar said...

You forget that Nancy Pelosi started the name calling-not the conservatives. I wouldn't expect journalist idiots to know this though.