Friday, September 18, 2009

Planning to Plant

This afternoon the Pug and I sat on the garden bench in the early afternoon sunshine, smoking maduros (pleasant box-pressed torpedoes) and imagining various planting scenarios. Our reverie was interrupted by the delivery truck with a shipment of daylilies. While I have new apples to eat, daylilies to plant, and a fine bicycle to work on, the dog seems to have an open calendar. Either way, our lives are exceedingly fine. Tomorrow will be hectic - breakfast with Lyle at 9:00 and then the 60th Annual Oakwood Picnic at noon and well into the afternoon. Maybe start planting the daylilies? Naw, probably not. The dog and I have to pace ourselves.

Lorna read the above and informed me that the picnic isn't until 4:30. Now my careful planned day is just in shambles.

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