Monday, September 14, 2009

McLean Seat Clusters

Generally seat clusters are like finger prints, indicative of the builder. They might have a couple of favorites they generally use. To keep myself from going buggy waiting for McLean M05030 to arrive, I've been looking at Fonvielle's clusters. I would have to say that clusterwise he was schizophrenic. I've collected pictures of a dozen or so and have ten variations. There's nothing heavy or deep about this, just curious.


Anonymous said...

The top one looks like a Cinelli Supercorsa binder which has been totally redone in a better way. . . . the hole filled, I think redrilled and fitted with singlesided bolt.

I wish mine had that treatment. The real deal is not very strong.

maybe the seat cluster was just an interesting place for Fonvielle to express himself?

michael white

Jonny Hamachi said...

Obviously it's a sickness.