Monday, August 15, 2011

Dave Alvin

Found this guy on the Justified series on FX.


Kurt said...

Must be country. I can understand the lyrics which tell a story. It does remind be of the Beatles "Come together".

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Dave Alvin is the King of California!

Gunnar Berg said...

Dear Any Mouse,
Are you trying to claim that this ain't country? Fool. Where was Buck Owens from again? Country is country is country, regardless of where it's played - even California or even New Yoork City.

Anonymous said...

You can go back 25 years or so to the first album by the Blasters and Dave A. wuz killin' it then, too.


Rick M.

Kurt said...

I like him, but country, probably not. He is a lot close to Mark Knopfler than Buck Owens. He is more Stray Cats than Texas Playboys.