Saturday, August 4, 2012

Georgena Terry

This is Lorna's Terry. As she is not a tall woman, there are all the toe lap and other small frame issues. While the problem can be solved other ways, the older Terry frames seemed to be a straight forward way of dealing with it - as long as a person can get by the non-typical appearance of the bike. This may also have contributed to the low price I caught this one at.

The components on it were pretty low end. Because of the steep Church Hill in Lanesboro she needs some serious gearing, so I bought a V.O. triple crankset (on sale). A Nitto long stem gets the bars up where she likes them. She also likes indexed shifters close to her finger tips, so I found these on the Bay, some 80s vintage Shimano rocker shifters. Don't remember what they are really called, but they rock back and forth. As the original RD would not wrap enough chain, I found an old 7-speed long cage rear derailleur in a miscellaneous box in our basement. She gets the  Dura Ace brakes, again because I already had them.

Lorna walks a lot with her friend. They usually meet on a neutral location and walk around the lake. They walk with Nordic hiking sticks and she needed a way to transport them. Again to the basement, where a Tubus Fly rack was waiting. The original mounting paraphernalia was long gone, but because the Terry mounting holes lift it way up, it wouldn't have worked anyway. So, with a hacksaw, drill, file, and aluminum bar stock, eventually I came up with a gerry-rigged front mount. Works good, looks okay. I may redo and lengthen the vertical strap to level the rack better.


Silk Hope said...

So Lorna's bike has the ultimate in cool I know you have an extra bottle cage so get this bike lock and ditch the one around the seat post.

Your humble servant.

Mr. Hope

Gunnar Berg said...

And it comes in pink!

Gunnar Berg said...

But with shipping it is $40.

Silk Hope said...

And worth every penny because it is your wife's bike.

Mimbres Man said...

The Terry women were fun to hang with at the bike shows, back-in-the-day.
Cool bike!