Saturday, August 25, 2012

Houdini and Jack's Kids

This is a watercolor by the late Bob Muschler. Bob was a friend who raised homing pigeons. Bob loved all the birds. This bird's name was Houdini. He was a winner and Bob loved him enough that he painted a picture of him. Every year he also made a limited edition figure of one of his favorites which were collected by homing pigeon aficionados. Joanie recently gave me this painting and the figurine. The painting is now hanging on the Growlery wall and the little statue looks pretty damned fine sitting on my desk. 

Jack and Nancy Hockenberry
The other day Joanie was over and she mentioned that Nancy Hockenberry had called her and told her to watch America's Got Talent because her son Tim was a contestant. I don't know Nancy, but I worked with her husband Jack for two or three years, so I am somewhat familiar with the family. I looked on YouTube and apparently Tim is still winning. So here's Tim. 

And here's their son John speaking at the TED talks. John has a number of Emmys and Peabodys. A remarkable family (even Jack). There is also a sister, Amy I believe, but I couldn't find any public videos of her. 


Silk Hope said...

Very cool Gunnar. I wish John was more "out there" in the public discourse. I always thought he was a very insightful man. Kind of reminds me of Charles Kuralt in some bizarre way.

Gunnar Berg said...

Kuralt with wheels.