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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Blood and Ivory Update

Chris Kvale.
I was going to wait to post pictures of this bicycle until it was done done finished. I am coming to the realization that this one is a process, not an end product. It ain't never going be done. I still have pipe dreams of Ghisallo rims and a Guu-Watanabe bag.

This is a SunTour Power Hanger. It replaces the straddle wire set-up giving you a better mechanical advantage - as if I need more braking power with Paul cantis and Koolstop pads. I mean, I'm a Clydesdale, but this set-up is ridiculous. This one is a vintage Suntour, but I'm sure someone out there must be making a modern knockoff. The nuts and bolts on the cantis are for the front rack, which exists only in my imagination because I have never gotten around to leaving the bike with Vincent Dominguez to make the racks.

I don't know what to say about this, other than there is a lot of nice work by master craftsmen.

The minimalist rear rack will bolt onto the centerpulls.  If and when....


reverend dick said...

Does the drive-side brake have to contact the rim before it actuates the other side? It feels good?

The stem mounted shifter is slick.

I look forward to the rack(s) install.

Gunnar Berg said...

Both pads hit the rims at the same time. No lag. If you didn't know it was a gadget you wouldn't know it.

Kyle Brooks said...

That's a real beauty -- That color combo inspired me for my next bike: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylebrooks/7939634162/in/photostream

Curious -- what size tires are you using, and are those fenders the Velo-Orange Zeppelins?

Gunnar Berg said...


Thanks, great frame. I'm looking forward to seeing it built up.

Tires: 32mm Grand Bois Cypr├Ęs.

Fenders: Honjo 45mm Le Paons.

Silk Hope said...