Friday, November 23, 2012


We generally spend Thanksgiving with the Anderson's in Rochester. As is the tradition with her family, Lorna made a number of side dishes. (The day before she also roasted a whole turkey with dressing and all the sides, just to generate enough "leftovers".) My only real obligation was to show up at the door with a selection of wines. How could I screw that up? Forget to bring the wine. Thankfully some other guests had each brought a bottle. It still we were soon running low and it was not looking good, but one couple lived in the area and went back home to fetch more wine. At the last moment disaster was avoided. Thanksgiving? I was thankful for the generousity of the Lemkes for covering my ass.

I resisted taking pictures of food.

Kitchen pre-food talk

Post food talk

Football guys

A couple of families with children couldn't make it because of flus, etc, but there were still over 20 people, mostly family, a few friends. Good time.


jusvelos said...

better in the growley

Mimbres Man said...

Happy (post)Thanksgiving! I was drinking Modelos Especial at 12:02 so I was feeling ok when dinner (at my mom's) was served.

Gunnar Berg said...

There was so many varieties of food to try I didn't actually ever get to the turkey. :-)