Sunday, December 8, 2013

Community Sing-Along At the 'Boro

Just got back from Lanesboro. Lorna and her sister Linda were on the annual B & B cookie tour. They sampled the snacks and good cheer at 6 or 7 of the local B & Bs, while I sanded the hardwood floors of the bedroom.

Lorna just e-mailed Robin and locked in our tickets for the upcoming Holiday Sing-Along, a small town community Christmas Sing-Along. Some good music, some ahhh ... fun music. Here's some from a past sing. What a great little town.

A good reason to attend this year? Peter Ostroushko's coming down from Nordeast Minneapolis. The word "soul" is thrown around a lot to describe music and musicians. So, here's mine: Peter Ostroushko is one soulful son-of-a-mandolin player. Here's Peter bringing Nordeast to Genova, Italy.

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