Monday, December 23, 2013

Cool Beer Cooler

The beer refrigerator under the bench in the Growlery was a black plastic box that sucked energy out of the tiny space. I tried painting it Growlery Gray (I had the paint). It helped a little, but I still sensed an energy drain. I thought maybe sticking a bicycle poster on the box would help, one of those beautiful Mucha Art Nouveau advertising posters. I was scrolling through a couple of hundred Mucha reproductions on ebay when I caught an aberration, a Mucha print with a completely different feel. It was entitled 1908 Dakota Warrior. Now Alphonse Mucha was a Czech and I doubt he had ever seen a Dakota Warrior. It didn't look like any Native American I have ever seen, but it seemed respectful and I kinda like the colors. It was a Dakota, which has a family connection, and it was cheap. (And I had the orange paint.)  I'm feeling quite an energy net gain from this one. I may have to install an energy dampener.

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