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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Guy Clark Silent Night

This is from a documentary, Heartworn Highways - like reality television for certain Texas songwriters of a onetime Golden Age. Please note the extremely drunk and stoned Silent Night singer. He is Guy Clark, who was to go on to become just a marvelous songwriter. Side one of his LP Old No.1 is simply the best single side of songwriting I have ever heard. Oh, and the high school kid with hair in his eyes is Steve Earle. Man, it didn't take him long to fall in with evil companions.

Fast forward a lifetime, last year Clark's lifelong soulmate Susanna died. He one time said every song he every wrote was either to her, about her  ... or apologizing to her. He does seem to be a broken man. I understand he has chosen to decline treatment for his cancer diagnosis and he's just gonna ride that horse to the end.

Rather than waiting for him to die and then putting out a tribute CD his friends have put it out a double CD, This One's For Him, so he can appreciate it now.

So here's to Guy Clark. I've enjoyed his life's work. And Merry Christmas.

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George A said...

Thanks for sharing Gunnar. I'll listen to it over time. Good music is like good whisky--you can only stand it in small doses.