Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Maude

The first time I met Maude Koevnig we had just moved to Oakwood. As we stood discussing our common lot line, a loud ski boat blasted by. The sweet little old lady glared down at the lake and said, "Those Goddamned sons-a-bitches!". Maude did not tolerate fools well. She was intelligent, well-read, a "grandma" to my daughter, a bird lover, and a wonderful neighbor. She died twenty years ago at the age of 88. 

Maude was not a religious person, but she used to say that she hoped heaven was as lovely as Oakwood. She lived there in the heart of Oakwood in a little Victorian cottage, surrounded by her books, for 65 years. Wherever in this Unitarian universe her soul is resting, I hope it's green and beautiful, and there are Warblers and Wood Ducks. And no boats.

Happy Birthday, Maude. 


George A said...

Make that no ski-boats. Sail and oar/paddle boats don't make much racket so long as their skippers are sober. No sail boats in heaven? Unthinkable.

Gunnar Berg said...