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Saturday, February 22, 2014

OakWooD Winter 2014

It's been a long, hard winter back home in Oakwood. There have been years with more snow, winters that have been colder, but I'm certain this combination has been a real bitter bitch of a year. And I'm glad I am not there. My thanks to Kelly Jo and Cheryl for keeping the snow moved, 1410 lived in, and Bud as fed, fat and warm as an broken-down old Pug can be. And John Rust for dealing with the roof. I owe you, buddy.

Here are pictures of 1410 that Lorna's sister Linda emailed us today.

Front Walk
Honda CR-V

1410 OakWooD

Growlery view

And why do we run and hide in South Texas?

You all be well. Be warm,

1 comment:

Margadant said...

And here, finally, we be snow free and signs of the frost going out. Alas, experience dictates there's at least one more scooper in the works.