Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random Shots From 11/2/14

Today Lorna was raking leaves and invited me to do the same. I was busy - busy re-routing the brakes from left to right on the Kvale. Busy listening to Leon Russell's Guitar Blues, a marvelous little self-published CD on which he wrote all the songs and sings them with his wonderful rough soulful voice, and plays all the instruments ... except for the drums, which were played by his son, Teddy Jack. The producers are listed as "Teddy Jack and Dad".  Love that.

While I listened to the blues I was also busy paging through a couple of coffee table books of photos of the gardens of Kyoto, Japan, which were gifts from Tom Sanders. They are books which make me put my primitive little garden into perspective, but inspire me to reach higher and simplify, simplify, simplify. Simplify.

I have been blessed to live in Oakwood, a really lovely little piece of the world. Here's a few shots of my late sunset evening, before climbing the hill to homemade potato soup and my choice of banana bars with creme cheese frosting or homemade apple pie. These are really tough life choices.

I hope your life is half as fine as mine. Live well, be well - G.

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George A said...

Life is good in Oakwood! Glad you and the Missus have the good health to enjoy it. I try to keep raking to a bare minimum. I generally mow the leaves. We still have a hell of a lot of leaves on the trees.