Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wildflower Garden

The "formal" perennial garden is situated on a flat area which 50+ years ago was a half of a tennis court. The lot was split in two and now Judy and Christy have the other half. But I digress, the hillside between the garden and lake is now dedicated to native wildflowers, trying to do our small part to feed the birds and butterflies. I think there are half a dozen species of Milkweeds, which the Monarchs require. Their population has crashed and I am afraid we may see them vanish. 

Eventually the arch at the end of the perennial garden brick walkway will lead to a grass path through the prairie flowers down to the lake. I was going to get some pictures when the wildflowers were in bloom, but I procrastinate. This is what it looks like after two nights of hard frost. :-(  Next year I'll get some better pictures - I promise.

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