Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who I REALLY Want To Be

Check out DEC 10.  ;-)
I have a childhood friend, Mary Mac, who left Minnesota after high school and never looked back. Well, that isn't totally accurate. Part of her never left; she still clings to little scraps of news about people that populated a time that probably only exists in her memory. 

Minnesota has storytellers. I have even been told I tell stories. I have heard it from enough people that I guess I have to plead guilty. Anyway Mary Mac refers to me as her own private "Garrison Keillor", which always makes me cringe a little. Minnesota's great storyteller isn't Gary Keillor, it is Kevin Kling. And I think Mr. Keillor would agree to that. Certainly Kevin's stories are far more insightful and philosophical. And, in my opinion, funnier.

Give this video 10 or 15 minutes, then quit if you want. But get back to me if you think he isn't a great storyteller.

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