Strix the harbinger
guards the exit gate, quizzing all
Who will pass this night?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Leftovers No 1, Feather Tending

We were at Estero Llano before daylight because Lorna wanted to get a better photo of the Rose-throated Becard. It was cool by south Texas standards, 48F. We dressed for it and I was armed with a small thermos of hot coffee - no problem. For the first hour or so we were alone, then Doug showed up with seed and half oranges to fill the birdfeeders. Good for some birds, but the Becard is a Tyrant Flycatcher and doesn't seem to be very interested in our weed seeds.

Hopeful people eventually started arriving and drifting down to the water drips until there may have been a dozen of us, wandering around talking softly, necks craned, eyes to the tree tops. I knew some of them and met a few new interesting people. Good thing, it was not a terribly birdy day. Around 1:00 we hung it up and came home.

No pictures today, so here are some leftover shots from the other day at South Padre.

More later, - Gunnar

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