Friday, January 27, 2017

Leftovers No 1, Feather Tending

We were at Estero Llano before daylight because Lorna wanted to get a better photo of the Rose-throated Becard. It was cool by south Texas standards, 48F. We dressed for it and I was armed with a small thermos of hot coffee - no problem. For the first hour or so we were alone, then Doug showed up with seed and half oranges to fill the birdfeeders. Good for some birds, but the Becard is a Tyrant Flycatcher and doesn't seem to be very interested in our weed seeds.

Hopeful people eventually started arriving and drifting down to the water drips until there may have been a dozen of us, wandering around talking softly, necks craned, eyes to the tree tops. I knew some of them and met a few new interesting people. Good thing, it was not a terribly birdy day. Around 1:00 we hung it up and came home.

No pictures today, so here are some leftover shots from the other day at South Padre.

More later, - Gunnar

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