Saturday, January 14, 2017

When Fate Gives Me Lemons

A little slow for birds this year - my deteriorating eyesight may be contributing to that, but I don't think so. Still, an amazing year for butterflies. Here is some of the lemonade I made this morning. I have a stack of books, a memory (and wife), so I either know, or can rapidly find the I.D. of all of these bugs, but I have a couple of friends who couldn't make it down here this year and they are butterflying vicariously through me and I don't want to steal the pleasure from them. ;-)

I apologize for the quality of the Zebra Heliconian photos below, but it is almost like they are born, live and die airborne, and when this longwing stopped rowing through the air for a heartbeat or two and floated down into the shadows, I panicked, and rather than taking a deep breath, slowly counting to three and changing my settings, I just pulled the trigger, and took several megapixels of junk mail.

Next, butterfly royalty, - Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Thanks for posting the butterfly photos. Vicarious pleasure at this end.