Tuesday, January 24, 2017

South Padre Outing

Yesterday morning we got an early start to South Padre Island, about a hour and a half from our home base here in Alamo. When we arrived at the Birding Center on the island we were immediately greeted by our friend Javi Gonzalez. While some of the gardens and fountains surrounding the building are lovely to look at, they were not designed and planted by a naturalist and are are not necessarily bird friendly, particularly for small perching birds that really need green spaces, native trees and bushy shrubs during winter and migration. Javi has recently landed his dream job, as the first naturalist that the Birding Center has ever hired, with a mandate to expand and restore native plantings - to make the center as bird friendly as possible. 

Here some general atmosphere shots. I will post some birdier shots in another posting (and maybe more - god forbid, butterflies).

We also a great seafood - oysters, shrimp and whitefish - lunch at Padre Brewing. "Bar food" :-).

Living well, - Gunnar

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Redwing said...

I think that's great that Javi gets to bring some real bird-friendly landscaping to that area.