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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Green Kingfisher

Lorna and Cathy Mauck were on a native plant tour of a ranch north of Rio Grande City today. I spent the afternoon at Edinburgh Wetlands (read: sewage treatment ponds) where a Long-eared Owl has been spotted off and on. Yesterday and today proved to be "off". Not a really rare bird, but a very rare sighting down here. No owl, but fantastic weather, 80F and sunny.

No owl? Instead, here is a female Green Kingfisher, a little bird with a seriously large head. Sorry about the branch in the foreground - turned a potentially good photo into a "meh" photo.

- Gunnar


Coline said...

Inconsiderate wee bird, obviously knew that you were focused right on her...

Gunnar Berg said...

If you haven't ever looked, check out this batch of our Minnesota backyard birds. A good year:

Redwing said...

Warm and sunny? Missing it already.... Love those Green Kingfishers. Now if only those Ringed Kingfishers would be as accommodating.

Gunnar Berg said...

I will give you a clean Ringed Kingfisher photo within a month. Or buy you a round. Of Bud.