Monday, January 15, 2018

Group Shots

... and a Black-capped Titmouse.

We drove down to Santa Ana NWR early this morning. Lorna went out with the organized "bird walk". There were about a dozen people - not my cup of tea, so I wandered off by myself. 

There were large flocks of waterfowl at Willow Lake, virtually nothing at Pintail Lake. There was nothing special today, unless you count the Least Grebes, a Mexican species who's range only creeps into the far south tip of Texas. 

Least Grebes

After I was back on a bench waiting for Lorna. a group of women from Dallas came by reporting a male Rose-throated Becard. I considered going back out to find it, but by then I was hurting a little. I probably should have, I seem to have a relationship with the species. 

A REAL birder would have sucked it up. - Gunnar, 

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Redwing said...

Gunnar, I'm counting on you. We need that photo! : )