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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Blue Buntings and Blue-headed Vireos

This year the pathways of the Quinta Mazatlan Estate are filled with hopeful birders from around the country hoping to get a look (or even a photograph!) of a Blue Bunting. This first year male Bunting (an adult would be fully blue) is a single rare stray from central Mexico which has drifted up across the border and set up camp at Quinta.

While I certainly enjoy seeing a rare bird, a beautiful bird, I saw and photographed one a couple of years ago and this one a few times this year. It really is wonderful to see the excitement of other the birders who have made a special trip to see it - or try to explain to non-birders what the hell all the excitement is about.   

I keep coming back hoping to get The Shot. So far, only okay photos. Here is today's "okay" shot.

Here are some more birds that happened in my line of fire. A sad one, look at the broken leg on the banded Curve-billed Thrasher.  Golden-fronted Woodpecker. Rufous Hummingbird (possible Allen's?). Blue-headed Vireo.

While the rest of the world was all a-twitter about a Blue Bunting, I was more excited about getting a photograph of a Blue-headed Vireo. It is only the second decent photo I have taken of the bird, the other was one I took in my Minnesota backyard last year. 

Day cut short. 90F and very humid - Gunnar

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