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Sunday, February 11, 2018

South Padre Skimmers

Sunday I drove down to South Padre Island to deliver Lorna to spend a few days with her sisters. Our first stop was Padre Brewing where we had food, beer and conversation with Markus the brewmaster, and we bought a box of Girl Scout cookies from the cutest little girl I have ever seen. She jumped up and down when I bought one box. When Mark gave her $50 dollars for a stack of boxes she was laughing, squealing and dancing in circles! Mark looked pretty happy too. I think he may have gotten his money's worth. Beer, sea food and Thin Mints - one stop shopping. 

Then on to the World Birding Center where we talked to Javi Gonzalez. (Happy birthday, Jav.)  The tide was very high which eliminated most of the shorebirds, but the Black Skimmers were working the shallow northeast pond. Skimmers fly along the surface with their thin lower mandible slicing the water like a knife, clamping on any fish they hit. It was "remove your baseball cap" windy. Too bad, the fun photos could have been fantastic with reflections on the water. 

If it ain't one thing, its another. - Gunnar

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