Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zevon: The Other Shoe Drops

Warren Zevon on living and dying. This is for James. First of all, it includes Lawyers, Guns and Money in honor of Jim's previous life, then there is Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner (part 4), based on a true story. It captures the spirit of the Jimmy I know best. It is what he would have become if he hadn't become a lawyer, of the hired gun ilk. He had to slake his thirst for adventure by running guns to the occupiers at Pine Ridge (a charge which he publicly denies).


Margadant said...

As for the priority in sending the relief to Honduras, I've always thought that guns could be useful in obtaining the money and lawyers are the most nonessential element of the relief trio. Although, the fat, unctuous ones are very useful as shields during get aways.

Gunnar Berg said...

...and how come no one mentioned I wrote "slate" instead of "slake"?