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Monday, November 2, 2009

Father and Son

Billy Joe Shaver isn't much of a guitar player, because he is missing his primary picking fingers from a sawmill accident. Though he doesn't have flashy guitar skills himself, he taught his late son Eddy well. Eddy's best work is probably blues, but there isn't much of it recorded and none on YouTube. Shaver on Rhapsody #130 is an Eddy song dealing with the affair with heroin which killed him. #27 and #104 are a couple by Billy Joe on Eddy's death. Below is about as person and brutally honest a relationship song as has ever been written.
What the hell, if you're still with me, check out #149 too. (These all are written by BJ.)


jusvelos said...

really enjoyed it..

Justine Nicholas Valinotti said...

If Woody Guthrie had written and performed "Midnight Rider," it might have come out like this. I love it!