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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grocery Baskets

One for the Pretty Bike People:


reverend dick said...

I keep coming back to this.

Whoa. That is one pretty set up.

Gunnar Berg said...

Look close. The rear brakes are inferring. I had these baskets on a Heron Road before and I just reversed the sidepull brake to clear. I'm considering pulling the basket forward one or two inches and cutting a nicely finished clearance hole on the backside of the baskets. The baskets are just about the perfect size for fabric grocery bags. Oh, but you know, you have some don't you?

reverend dick said...

Yes and thank you. They are on the wife's lovely red mixte (with the twin lateral stays) and it runs the Paul's Racer brakes so no issues, just sweet townie style. the front basket is on there, too.

She totally ripped off your style.