Sunday, August 15, 2010

The PGA Championship

A couple of days ago Dex Westrum was over helping me deal with a surplus of Bell's Two-Hearted Ale. The PGA was on and we started talking about the qualities of the Whistling Straights Golf Club. Dex, who is or was a member of the PGA, is the spawn of a family of club pros and in his day was a pretty good golfer, mostly of the hustler ilk - that is, in his family, golf was something one did for money, not pleasure. 

He told me about our high school classmate, Dick Jones, who won everything he touched in high school, including the Minnesota State Tournament. As an adult he continued playing amateur golf, winning 40 some tournaments. This is to say, he is a pretty fair golfer. He lives in Milwaukee and has played Whistling Straights half a dozen times. Only twice he broke 100. Twice. It makes one appreciate what the touring pros are able to do. Grounding the club in a quasi-sand trap! Oofda.


Silk Hope said...

Reporting on golf these days? Are you becoming Republican?

As for the tournament what a train wreck at the end. This come under the title of: If you fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.


Gunnar Berg said...

Republican? Not very likely, although I do like some of their ethnic dishes.

The small group of young gentlemen that I commanded in high school included the best golf team in the state. Margadant and I, realizing our limitations, mostly kibitzed and caddied.

Silk Hope said...

Golf is a lot like cycling. It is you against the elements. It is also an unlikley team sport. But when the competition is done in a team setting a la the TDF or Ryder Cup, it is truly when the best is seen in own sport.