Friday, August 6, 2010

Remembered the Camera Today

 The trail follows an old rail bed which ran on the bottom of the valley so most of the time it is next to, or over moving water. Posted in order taken. Tried shooting from a moving bike with mixed results.

Green patchwork fields near Preston. Amish country
The trail north out of Preston along the South Branch
The Old Barn Cut, long and always cool


Trail nearing Lanesboro.
New paving. Brand new, eight feet wide,
flat and straight. Wind her up and timetrial
your ass off.

 Cut below the Ox Cart Road.

A lull in business at the Wursthaus. Arv on tuba, his wife on piano,
 and a regular who showed up just to play a little. Music played badly,
 but with passion.

Stopped to see Bill at his ice cream shop. He couldn't come out and play bikes because he was too busy selling ice cream cones. :-(   What the hell? He's retired from IBM. Why the hell is he selling ice cream cones instead of riding? ...with me?

The trail rolls over 48 bridges. Big bridges, small bridges, bridges spanning rivers and creeks, fast water and slow water. The fisherman below was working the confluence of the Root and the South Branch. Three years ago a flood wiped out 100 feet of high causeway to this bridge that had been there 150 years. It was rebuilt within a year. I watched him for a while because he had beautiful technique. Alas, skill does not always equal fish.

Hummingbirds, taken through the window while I was
on the porch killing peach pie ala mode with coffee.
World Famous Pies.  Great pies, bad music. When it was the Overland Inn, Overland advertised the "Best Music On the Trail" - blues piped in all day, every day. Now it's modern country of the worse ilk. 

The McLean when I stopped 10 miles from the car to check out an ever increasing noise, which proved to be a failing old Regina freewheel . It became a scraping grind, but made it all the way. 


Mimbres Man said...

Nice bike ride!

Anonymous said...

yeah, life is good.


reverend dick said...

I like this.

Gunnar Berg said...

Sorry there wasn't more secret dirt, Rev.

Echelon 133 said...

I am soooo Jealous!!!! Nice railroad bed. How much "Rail 2 Trails" do you have going on around you Gunnar? You need to get a Flip movie camera for your next posts.

Gunnar Berg said...

We have the Blazing Star Trail on the southeast side of town, about a two miles ride to the trail head from my house. It's only about 5 miles long, out to a State Park, so far - funding approved for much more. It's not as picturesque as the Root River Trail (corn fields). There are about 20 paved trails in Minnesota. The crown jewel will be the Gitchi-Gami, 86 miles along Lake Superior. A work in process, slowly connecting segments. Maybe in three years?

My camera will take video. I'm going to get a mount for the bars.