Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Believer

For Memorial day. By last count I have posted this song approximately 14 times in the past. This version is sung by the songwriter, Bob Carpenter. His discography is a little confusing. There were three Bob Carpenters. One was a hockey player who only sang in the shower when he was extremely drunk. There were two musicians named Bob Carpenter. This one was from Canada, so probably played a little hockey too. He only released one album, Silent Passages. Then he died. He died in spite of what some internet sites that lump all the Bob Carpenters together would lead you to believe. 
The forest grows around my door now
And I am dreaming of a meadow
Where I may lay in frosty sunlight
Down beneath the earth's gray shadows

You can download the album from Amazon and get a cleaner cut than this.

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