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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cottage Progress

Everything is still progressing toward the June 1st possession date for the cottage. As too many transactions these days, the sale will be a short sale and the mortgage holder has signed off in writing to the sale. On our end we have arranged to have the full amount in our checking account ready to pull the trigger. We have had house deals blow up and I was in the real estate business long enough to know the unexpected can always happen. I  think we have done everything we can to do prevent it. 

I have the phone numbers for all the local utilities and city services. More importantly I have contacted a local kid and we have purchased a new lawnmower for his use. I'll have to buy a leaf rake before fall.

We are also buying used furniture, I think the only thing left is the beds. Hell, we can just sleep on the floor if we have to.   


Silk Hope said...

It ain't over til is over.

Gunnar Berg said...

Then I'll have a good deal on furniture.