Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellow Swallowtail

This is a fuzzy photo of my shirt that Lorna took a month ago. Actually it's picture of the Yellow Swallowtail butterfly that landed on me. 

I have three windows in my Growlery, the south window overlooking the flower garden. The windows open wide, but have no screens. Last summer I even had a chickadee which sat on the sill and I occasionally put handfuls of seed out to feed it. I have plans to put a little bird feeder outside the window, but other BIG projects have occupied my time and I haven't gotten around to it.
(Note to self: Build small feeder tray.)
I had plans to put screens on because there are flies, Junebugs, all manner of insects which fly in. Today after I mowed the lawn, I was shot and collapsed my ass in a chair in the shed to rest. A Yellow Swallowtail flew in the south window and flew around the Growlery, I assume admiring the hanging bicycles, or maybe just enjoying the music. Whatever, after a few laps it became bored and fluttered out the west window.

(Note to self: Cancel all plans to put screens on the windows.)

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