Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 3: Santa Ana

Cold for the locale, about 45F and damp when we were out. There were birds of course, but I'm only posting the Olive Sparrow because it may be the first time I've seen one. I do not maintain a formal lifelist, which most birders seem to do. If a rare, beautiful bird manages to get in front of my binoculars I appreciate it. I just don't like running someplace to cut a rare bird notch on a list, then immediately begin searching for the next notch.


Margadant said...

The Birder presses on into an out-of-state Gungle.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, there are various big, rough palms in the brush too. I never cared much for palms all trimmed up, but they are nice left natural. I'll get some pictures.