Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 8: Winter Home

Lorna is out on a guided birding outing. I'm taking a break from the birds, at least for this morning. 

The following is where we are living. It is not a "resort", at least in the manner of basking around a swimming pool drinking tropical fruit rum drinks ... resort. There are 9 units surrounding a courtyard/garden. The innkeepers home is also attached, but they have a large private yard on the backside of the units. There is a permanent resident above us and the innkeeper's adult daughter lives in one unit. The remainder of the residents are mostly birders who tend to return every year for varying lengths of time. 

This is home, Apartment One of the Westmor. The actual Alamo Inn is at the end of the square (see arrow last photo). The plants in front of our door have been selected for their butterfly attractant qualities and scent. My inner gardener escaped for a while yesterday and the innkeeper and I cut the plants back a little to regain some control.

Some shrubs from the garden.

The view of our Honda and the square, looking toward the Alamo Inn.


Margadant said...

Looks quiet and welcoming. I like it. Is there a coffed shop nearby?

Gunnar Berg said...

I would have to say that if there are coffee shops, I have not seen one. It's sad, there are very, very few local cafes - only a run down taco shop here and there - and most of those seem to be abandoned. We did find a good Mexican bakery about a mile away. No sitdown coffee though. The nation franchises have won and they mostly service the RV park residents - people who are probably my age, but have become "old".