Thursday, January 10, 2013

On the Road, 2

Belton, Texas.  I will catch up tomorrow with some pictures at 75 mph. Too damned tired now.

The ketchup:
It was drizzly fog when we left Emporia for the run across the Flint Hills Grassland. I love the Flint Hills, even in the rain. The hills are limestone with a thin skin of soil over the top - too thin to plow. The result is that we are left with our only large scale parcel of tallgrass prairie that has really never been settled and turned into corn fields. And it is magnificent.
Hill country north of Ardmore, Oklahoma. In Ardmore we stumbled upon the Two Frogs, a blues club that had leopard print wallpaper and some pretty damned fine cajun food.

Texas. What can I say about Texas, other than crossing that border is like going to a foreign country.
Dallas or Fort Worth. Who cares?

 And disappointing BBQ in Belton, Texas.


Julie Z said...

Hey Gunnar - nearly there!

Must be 30C warmer by now :)

Gunnar Berg said...

@Julie, We only have 390 Texas miles to go. What is that in English miles?

Anonymous said...

As everything's ALWAYS bigger in America I'd guess about 1000 miles!! : )

Julie Z said...

Sorry - that's me! JZee - Getting used to these fandangled blog things!