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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Weather Report

These photos were taken north of Albert Lea today. There were reportly a dozen vehicles in the ditch in the 10 mile stretch between Albert Lea and Clarks Grove. The weather is cold, snowy .... and ugly. Winds were forecast to crank up to 50 mph - don't know if they were that high, but it was damned windy, moving the snow around quite a bit, icing the roads and reducing visibilty.

Incidently the temperature in Alamo, Texas hit 99F today. I may have missed the timing of our return by a week or two. Maybe.


George A said...

Welcome home (I think)!

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks. :-(

Anonymous said...

Looks like an excellant day to stay home!


Gunnar Berg said...

Trying to puzzle out words to go with WSLNIF.

George A said...

I figure it's either Western Somali liberation front or West of Scotland loan fund.