Saturday, March 9, 2013

Goodbye, Lower Rio Grande Valley

A mixed bag of ducks - mostly Whistling Tree Ducks

Here's a handful of pictures I took today at Edinburg and NABA. Tomorrow we pack up and on Monday morning we begin our own migration north, first with lunch on Monday in Port Aransas (Corpus Christi) with our Oakwood next door neighbors, Christy and Judy, who have a condo on Mustang Island. Then we'll take a short trip through Rockport to a motel check-in on Fulton Beach. Rockport is supposedly a very "birdy" area and is also the gateway to the Aransas Refuge, a 115,000 acre home to various birds, including Sandhill and Whooping Cranes. We plan on staying a couple of days, more if it's really terrific - then push on north for two or three days to Oakwood.

Fulvus Tree Ducks. Rare and beautiful. I've tried for a month to get a good shot of these. I got this today. It still isn't great, about at the far reach of my lens, but the best I was able to get all year. There is always next year. Usually.

A Cassius Little Blue I bagged for Lorna. This little bit of flit is about 1/2" long and rarely sits still. Hard to get a shot of it.  I have suggested a net and a refrigerated butterfly for a photo op, but the stony glares have made it obvious that butterfly nets went out with pith helmets Well, at least the nets are out. (Birders are an odd lot, but butterfliers are the most eccentric group of people I've ever met, this side of  moth hunters of course.)

Inca Dove
Clay-colored Thrush

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