Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cjell the Z-Man

There has been some grumbling about a lack of bicycle content here at 1410 recently. All I can say is that while I love classic bicycles they are certainly not my life, my only interest. I've been busy reading my Kindle and finding various ways to stay warm. 

So, here's your daily hit of bicycle, a snip from an email I received yesterday from Taylor 'Cjell Money' Zimmerman, and a couple of pictures of a frame he's building for a friend. 

"Here's some shots from number 1. I am very happy with how the brazing came out. Still working on perfect alignment, but she should be no hands worthy at the very least.

Number 2 will be mine. Lugged 29+ Tour Divide monster. I have one more shift of work at the restaurant and then its full time til April 1 when I start pedaling. AZTR followed by GDMTBR and riding every day in between. I can't wait."

Incidentally, the last I heard from Cjell, he is planning to build up his new Tour Divide bike as a singlespeed ....and ride the Tour Divide south to north. Going against the grain - because that's the way he is.


Julie said...

Is this written in English?? Hardly understand a word.

Clearly I'm a bicycle heathen.....

reverend dick said...

His friend must be hella tall.