Friday, March 8, 2013

Santa Ana

The birding activity has slowly but surely wound down as the birds who winter in the Lower Rio Grande Valley are moving on. I assume they are assembling and starting to move up the shore. The locals tell us that the activity will pick up again as the waves of neo-tropical migrants start coming up from Central and South America. We won't be here for that. Most of our winter birder friends have left and on Monday we are headed north to Rockport, Texas (Corpus Christi) for a couple of days to check out the Aransas Refuge and other birding hotspots. Then we will start our own migration back to the prairie potholes, marshes and oak woodlands of southern Minnesota where we belong. 


Mimbres Man said...

Cachicamo! (Venezuelan word for armadillo)

Elaine Toft said...

A welcoming, warm description of home "where we belong". Like that.