Monday, April 1, 2013

Be Careful Out There

My 27 year-old bicyclist daughter used to live in this neighbothood. This is too close to home. Peace to her parents.

"Twenty-eight-year-old Elyse Mary Stern was riding her bike eastbound on Lake Street around 2:15 a.m. when she was struck by a Monte Carlo driven by 27-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez-Campoceco. Hernandez-Campoceco drove away from the scene but was arrested minutes later near East Franklin Avenue and Bloomington Avenue South." 

Photos and copy:


Silk Hope said...

I only have a few comments as I was also hit head on at 30 MPH and live to tell about it.

1. Nothing ever good happens after midnight.

2. What was the alien status of the driver, and his alcohol level?

3. Hold your kids tight.

Gunnar Berg said...

He is being held on tentative charges, including driving while intoxicated and criminal vehicular operation. I'm not certain about his status,nor can't image how it makes any difference.

Silk Hope said...

It makes a HUGE difference. If he is not a legal resident and our GD lawmakers ENFORCED the Law that little girl would still be ALIVE and enjoying life to the fullest. DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE!!! The law of unintended consequences!

Gunnar Berg said...

Border politics aside, I think your logic is convoluted, but you have a right to believe it.

Mark Stonich said...

I'd hate to be driving straight through an intersection, at night, when a bicyclist with no lights takes a left turn right in front of me. I haven't been drunk in 30 years but I'm glad it wasn't me who was put in a position to try to save her from her own stupidity.

The guy should have stopped and he certainly shouldn't have been driving drunk. He should serve time. As should ANY drunk driver.

But when something like this happens you are in shock. As I understand it he stopped a few blocks later and when the cops showed up he admitted what happened and that he'd been drinking. Unlike Amy Senser who hid her car and lawyered up till it was too late to check her BAC.