Friday, April 12, 2013

Pedal Pushers

I am an old chauffeur putting miles on my little Honda. Before and after my last posting we left Lanesboro after Lorna's Friday morning yoga session, back to Albert Lea where she helped set up a Saturday morning woman's yoga retreat. Then Sunday we were back in Lanesboro for Lanesboro Live, back home Monday so she could be at Tuesday morning yoga (She missed her Monday morning session). Wednesday evening another yoga session to make up for the missed Monday session. There were other chores and side trips, then Friday night, back in Lanesboro again. The Boro is alive this weekend with the Ibsen Festival and parking is at a premium.

We're coming off of a fasting day and we decided to eat rather than go to Over the Back Fence at the St.Mane. We opted for Pedal Pushers, assuming that some of the other restaurants would be filled with morose Norwegians. (Brett from the Pastry Shoppe told us he is doing a special Norwegian BBQ, called The Ibsen, which will be black, so sad and bad that it's good.)

Pedal Pushers serves locally sourced fare. They pushed "local" a little with the beer, but it's five different styles of beer from five different Minnesota breweries. I thought the Surly Bender, a brown ale, could have been Surly Furious, an IPA. But as Scott explained, that would have forced him to change the Summit Saga IPA to Summit EPA and that have thrown the whole scheme off. My opinion is that arbitrary rules should broken and why do you need an EPA when there would be two IPAs? Scott says, yeah, but IPAs don't marry well with food anyway. Whatever, I'm glad they are here. They also roast their own fair trade coffee beans and sell it in bags if you need to take some up to Church Hill for morning breakfast.

The weather sucks. It's cold, rainy, snowy ........but we now have a television at the Church Hill cottage for just such an occasion. 

Take care and be well,

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