Friday, April 19, 2013

Juncos, Snow, Spring?

The snow finally melted off. The black-eyed juncos haven't migrated north yet. Last night it snowed again - just enough to cover the ground. They seem to relish the snow and cold. It could be worse, in Minneapolis, a hundred miles to the north, they got 12 inches, and far north in Duluth, a couple of feet of new snow.

The ice is pretty much off the lake and there have been various ducks and white pelicans swimming around out front. Yesterday, Lorna took some pictures of loons (link on the right). She has also taken some nice ones of the ducks, which she will eventually post.

I've been hearing the loons. especially in evenings. If you never heard them, they are quite loud and spooky beautiful.

Be well,


Travis Erwin said...

I love the sound of loons but sadly we do not have any around my area. Thanks for your recent visits to my blog. I replied to you comment about bocks in the most recent post. So what kind of beers do you enjoy most?

Gunnar Berg said...

IPAs. Ales in general. Hops with high IBUs. I was stunned the first year we wintered in Texas and found I was surrounded by NO BEER. I didn't realize how regional beer tastes were, and that south Texas had not yet embraced craft brewing.This past winter I did find Alamo Brewing and a few others.