In the night...the scream of the rabbit is terrible. But the scream of the owl which is not of pain and hopelessness and fear of being plucked out the world, but of the sheer rollicking glory of the death-bringer, is more terrible still.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Visit To Oz

First picture is from the front step of the Lanesboro cottage. It was a sweet autumn day, so we decided to ride bike to the pie shop in Whalan. We rolled into Whalan to bad news - the pie shop was closed and there was a FOR SALE sign. This may not be as bad as it sounds. It is more or less an annual ritual and when the smoke clears in the Spring it is always still open and selling the best pies on this side of my dead grandmother.

On the way back to Lanesboro we stopped at Frank's rhubarb garden retreat, which he has dubbed "Oz". Hopeful, but I didn't really expect Frank to be there, but I needed to take a piss break behind his shed anyway.

Here's some photos of Lorna - somehow I missed getting a picture of the basketball hoop. Frank shooting free throws? We think we know people, but really never do do we?

Frank's growlery. He may not call it that, but we all know a growlery when we see one don't we? The springs nailed to the side are great, an unexpected flash of art brilliance where it is least expected. Now I am looking for a weathered ladder for my growlery too, to symbolise my eternal quest to climb higher.

A beautiful day. I hope yours was too,
Gunner B.


BullishOnRhubarb said...

The Martin House came from the Austin farm on Highway 12 South and West of Lanesboro. It was probably made by Truman Austin 60+ years ago. Truman was a talented folk artist. Some of his more whimsical creations are in the Lanesboro Museum. Now at Oz on a short pole it no longer attracts Purple Martins but is used by one or more local pairs of bluebirds who pull off one or two clutches every year. I have never seen more than one "apartment" at a time in use. I do no maintenance. I collect no rent. The denizens of Oz decide who lives there and under what circumstances.

Gunnar Berg said...

Rent? What one charge a Bluebird for rent? One day of happiness?