Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Galmozzi Sisters

Three Galmozzi's. It is somewhat difficult to date these absolutely, as neither Francesco nor Angelo Galmozzi stamped dates or serial numbers on any of their frames. 

My best guess on the blue one is 1968, built by Angelo. I think that's pretty close, judging by the lugs, fitments and it has a headtube badge, which as discontinued about then.

The champagne is 1952, built by Francesco, again judging by the lugs and technology. Also this one came to me as a restored built-up bicycle so by looking at the dates on the axle nuts, the rear are 1952, the front wheel 1955. I suspect the front hub is a replacement; it is a little hard to believe someone would spec a Cambio Corsa racing bike in 1955, but strange things do happen.

My newest, the green one is easier to date - 1984, built by Angelo Galmozzi. It came to me with a Campagnolo Nouvo Record drive train, Nitto stem and bars, Look pedals,and a wheelset with modern Velocity rims. I switched the Nouvo Record components to Super Record except the brakeset which will remain Nouvo Record - I simply like them better. The stem and bars are now period Cinelli. The wheels are Gentleman 81 rims laced to Campy hubs. I switched the seat out for my favorite Brooks Team Professional. The medium blue wraps and cable pick up the blue infill paint and Galmozzi graphics. There is also a matching pump, right down to the silver, green paint, World Champion strips and rooster graphic. Pictures with close-ups on Flickr eventually. 

Still tricking out my workbench - painting, adding drawers, bottle recycling box, and a nice red frame on the refrigerator door - The Sioux Chief, the REAL American.

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