Monday, October 6, 2014

Cottage Basement Clutter

These things tend to rotate. Sometimes there are less, or more. We have a Burley tandem that really belongs permanently in the basement ready for action just in case. They are all handbuilt, lugged-steel frames with the name of the individual who crafted the frame on the downtubes - straightforward, no cute names, no descriptive models, no brand names conjured by marketers - just who made the frame.

Francesco Galmozzi
Chris Kvale

Curt Goodrich

The Terry is more of a production bicycle than the rest. It was designed by Georgena Terry to fit a woman's proportions. It is an early one so I am not certain who actually made it - maybe Georgena, maybe subcontracted. To make it more Lorna friendly, it has a Tubus Fly rack, a Nitto Technomic stem, a Terry saddle, Velo Orange triple crankset, Shimano bar-mounted shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur that can wrap all that chain. Between Georgena and Gunnar it may be a little quirky and idiosyncratic, but it is a very functional machine.

Georgena Terry

McLean Fonvielle

Peter Mooney

Be well, enjoy any Autumn weather that comes your way, Gunnar


George A said...

Interesting that the Terry has different sized wheels. Is that part of the accommodation for women?

Gunnar Berg said...

It allows shortening the top tube without toe lap. Also allows maintaining a moderating long head tube. She must have felt that it was desirable to have a 700C rear wheel.

Of course her BIG contribution was making comfortable split saddles.

Masini said...

My old bike is looking mighty nice there. How are you coming with the shifting?

Ever get around to cutting those brake pads from that cork?

I just got back from l'Eroica. Busy chasing down photos and doing a writeup. Be well...

Gunnar Berg said...

The shifting is surprisingly intuitive, but frankly I am too tall, old and stiff to do it safely under most circumstances.

I have not been able to shift the front on the fly.

The brake pads are cork.