Friday, February 20, 2015

My Own Life - Oliver Sacks

.... on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer link. An interesting read. 

As I am now in my 70th year of a very good life, I have lived five years longer than either my father or father-in-law. My mother-in-law died very early in life to cancer. My own mother lingered into her late 70s and slowly slipped into the fog of dementia. Most people in human history or even in this present world get a fraction of what I have had. I am living on free time.

I do not believe in another life. I do not fear death nor dwell on it, but I have considered how I am going greet the Grim Reaper if I have the opportunity - "Damn you! Get away from my door!" or "Greetings, I have been expecting you. Come in, let us have a glass of wine before we begin the journey."

I have seriously thought about this. I am not stupid; I will let the medical folks have their way with my aging body if I have a repairable condition - cataracts, little bits of body gone bad, etc. Yet, over the years I have seen too many people seduced by the song and dance of  "quality time". 

Death is a poor dancer. I believe will have a glass of wine before we hit the road. 


George A said...

A sad but orderly fair well. But then there are many to whom death comes suddenly. For them there is no time to prepare or say good-bye, or settle long festering accounts. But for them there is no extended suffering. For them a flip of the switch. One moment there is light. The next moment, darkness. Which is the better exit? That is an unanswerable question.

Gunnar Berg said...

Both my father and father-in-law died so fast they never saw the train coming.

reverend dick said...

I'd prefer the speedy dissolution, given a choice. I am reminded of the old joke about wanting to die peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather...not screaming in terror like the people in the other car.