Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yesterday: Desperados Waiting For a Train

"There were old men with beer guts and dominos, lying 'bout their lives while they'd played"

We kind of frittered the day away, sitting in the sun, buying groceries, stopped and picked up some citris at a farm. The fruit is so cheap here you could almost eat free, .... but people seem to prefer fast food. Toward evening some people dropped by and neighbors came over, so the seven of us sat around drinking IPAs, bemoaning the absense of Carolee and Paul, because last year Paul would have been here to pick and sing Guy Clark for us. Eventually hunger overcame us and we went three blocks down the street to Tower Burgers, camped in a big booth and talked some more. No pictures today, but John showed us some fresh Bobcat pictures on  his camera - great shots. I'll repost them if he ever gets around to posting them somewhere. 

Be well, - Gunnar (not a Winter Texan) Berg

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Redwing said...

Well, so far I've added "Stuff That Works", "Dublin Blues" and "Drunken Angel" to my repertoire. "Desperadoes Waiting For a Train" will be next. And I will add "Texas 1947" for you. I also like "Ballad of Lavern and Captain Flint"