Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last Day At Estero

Today we went to Estero Llano Grande to pick up some loaned books from May Snider before we leave. While we were there we did a short walkabout. There are very few birds left (relatively) - less every day, as they move out to their northern nesting grounds. I took a few pictures of what was still there - reptiles and butterflies.

After my pictures of non-descript dull brown 1/2" Skippers, here's is a change of pace, a big ol' flashy butterfly, a 5" Giant Swallowtail. Next, an Alligator guarding it's nest and a couple of courting Skinks.

Rebirth of life. Spring.  Don't miss it, don't waste it; it only comes once a year.


Margadant said...

Closing out a good time always leaves one with mixed feelings; at least you'll be moving north with the birds.

Gunnar Berg said...

Without all the continual stimulation, daily outings here and there, I find myself yearning for "home" - plain old homesickness.