Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Painted Redstart

Yesterday we got some wonderful pictures of a Clapper Rails, Green Herons, and  a Least Bittern at South Padre Island. I will post them when I get time to sort through them. Today we are are in Fulton Beach, just returned from a shrimp dinner on the upper deck of Charlotte Plummer's seafood, right down on the docks - had the bread pudding dessert to celebrate some good looks at the Whooping Cranes this afternoon. By then I was tired and wasn't packing a camera.

So far today, two lifetime birds at the Falfurrias rest stop this morning - a Painted Redstart and a Yellow-throated Warbler. The Yellow-throated Warbler is "uncommon", but if you happen to be from southern Minnesota it is non-existent. The Painted Redstart doesn't even make an appearance in the Sibley Guide to Eastern Birds. This bird has no reason to be where it is, but as we have said before, some birds cannot read OUR maps. Lorna got a picture of the Yellow-throated Warbler; I did not, but I got some passable pictures of the Painted Redstart. The tree bark is nicely in focus; the bird, not so much. ;-)

Be well, -G.

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Redwing said...

Congrats on the Painted Redstart. I know you prefer the American Redstart. For me, it's a toss-up. :) Do you remember when we were down there last we drove up to Rockport for the Flamingos, which we didn't see, but we stopped at Aransas where there was a Painted Redstart. So it's interesting that this species has shown up in the vicinity.