Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sometimes Things Work Out

....sometimes they don't. Frankly this Rio Grande Valley winter has been a little ... iffy. We have had a series of cool, rainy days with a sunny day or two in between. That's life. 

This year back home in Oakwood, winter has been a walk in the park, at least by Minnesota standards. We get occasional updates from Penny across the street, or from Lorna's sister Linda next door, and from Cheryl who holds down the actual 1410 homesite and defending it against all interlopers, at times risking her very life. Today she sent us a couple of pictures of her harried life on the Oakwood deck. We appreciate her suffering. Note the wine bottle. I hope the wine was shared - it would be a shame to waste a solo bottle of wine on a warm sunshine Spring day. Or maybe not; maybe it was a time for quiet reflection on a life well lived and the pending rebirth of nature, and ........ sunshine!!!

 Be well, sunshine, - Gunnar    

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