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Friday, July 25, 2008

Grand Marias: The Harbor

The Angry Trout Restaurant, eating on the pier, next door (next dock?) to the commercial fishermen. Grilled fresh fish right out of the water, served on a bed of wild rice, with greens - good wine or beer. On the other side of the commercial docks is the North House Folk School - boat building, canoe making, timber framing, whatever. A really neat place. Of course I neglected to get a picture of their 50' wooden schooner Hjørdis. It's beautiful - varnished wood, dark green hull with a full set of weathered brick red sails. It's as pretty a boat as I've ever seen. This year, along with the gulls, Black Ducks, Canada Geese (Eh?), there were a pair of otters patrolling the waters beneath us. I don't believe I've ever seen them in the wild (well, sorta wild). I resisted feeding them, mostly because the fish was too good to jettison overboard.

Shot from our table: the breakwater, lighthouse, sail boats, and the horizon.

A shot of the huge crowd (one old woman) admiring the boats anchored in the harbor.

The side wall of the food co-op: ceramic tiles and mirrors. And a pick-up.

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